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Journal of Experimental Botany Special issue on Sulfur metabolism
is available here:


Journal of Experimental Botany
Special issue on Genetic Encoding of Complex Traits
is available here:



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News from Competence Area V "Food Security"

More infomation about Competence Area V "Food Security":

Image movie on YouTube: D or GB

“2nd Cologne Conference on Food for Future”
(digital) was on 13-14 Sept 2021:
Please visit the event website: UzK event

"1st Cologne Conference on Food for Future" took place in Cologne, 5-7 Sept 2018:
Please visit the conference website: Food-for-Future

New publications from the group

Jacoby R.P., Koprivova A., Kopriva S. (2021) Pinpointing secondary metabolites that shape the composition and function of the plant microbiome. J. Exp. Bot. 72, 57-69. [full text]

Harbort C.J., Hashimoto M., Inoue I., Niu Y., Guan R., Rombolà A.D., Kopriva S., Voges M.J.E.E.E., Sattely E.S., Garrido-Oter R., Schulze-Lefert P. (2020) Root-secreted coumarins and the microbiota interact to improve iron nutrition in Arabidopsis. Cell Host Microbe 28, 825-837. [full text]

Dietzen C., Koprivova A., Whitcomb S.J., Langen G., Jobe T.O., Hoefgen R., Kopriva S. (2020) The transcription factor EIL1 participates in the regulation of sulfur deficiency response in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 184, 2120-2136. [full text]

Müller-Schüssele S., Wang R., Gütle D., Romer J., Rodriguez-Franco M., Scholz M., Buchert F., Lüth V., Kopriva S., Dörmann P., Schwarzländer M., Reski R., Hippler M., Meyer A. (2020) Chloroplasts Require Glutathione Reductase to Balance Reactive Oxygen Species and Maintain Efficient Photosynthesis. Plant J. 103, 1140-1154. [full text]

Jacoby R.P., Succurro A., Kopriva S. (2020) Nitrogen Substrate Utilization in Three Rhizosphere Bacterial Strains Investigated Using Proteomics. Front Microbiol. 11, 784. [full text]

Koprivova A., Schmalenberger A., Kopriva S. (2020) Sulfatase Assay to Determine Influence of Plants on Microbial Activity in Soil. Bio-protocol 10, e3490. [full text]

Jobe T.O., Rahimzadeh Karvansara P., Zenzen I., Kopriva S. (2020) Ensuring nutritious food under elevated CO2 conditions: A case for improved C4 crops. Front. Plant Sci. 11, 1267. [full text]

Jacoby R.P., Chen L., Schwier M., Koprivova A., Kopriva S. (2020) Recent advances in the role of plant metabolites in shaping the root microbiome. F1000Res. 9, (F1000 Faculty Rev) 151. [full text]

Giovannetti M., Göschl C., Dietzen C., Andersen S.U., Kopriva S., Busch W. (2019) Identification of novel genes involved in phosphate accumulation in Lotus japonicus through Genome Wide Association mapping of root system architecture and anion content. PLoS Genet. 15, e1008126. [full text]

Koprivova A., Schuck S., Jacoby R.P., Klinkhammer I., Welter B., Leson L., Martyn A., Nauen J., Grabenhorst N., Mandelkow J.F., Zuccaro A., Zeier J., Kopriva S. (2019) Root-specific camalexin biosynthesis controls the plant growth promoting effects of multiple bacterial strains. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 116, 15735-15744. [full text]