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News from Competence Area V "Food Security"

More infomation about Competence Area V "Food Security":

Image movie on YouTube: D or GB

“2nd Cologne Conference on Food for Future”
in Cologne, postponed to 13-14 Sept 2021:
Please visit the event website: UzK event

"1st Cologne Conference on Food for Future" took place in Cologne, 5-7 Sept 2018:
Please visit the conference website: Food-for-Future


News from CEPLAS

International CEPLAS Summer School 2019
Program and poster of last CEPLAS Summer School (Mai 2019) can be found at the CEPLAS website.

See also the CEPLAS image movie.


New publications from the group

Bangash S.A.K., Müller-Schüssele S.J., Solbach D., Jansen M., Fiorani F., Schwarzländer M., Kopriva S., Meyer A.J. (2019) Low-glutathione mutants are impaired in growth but do not show an increased sensitivity to moderate water deficit. PLoS One 14, e0220589. [full text]

Koprivova A., Schuck S., Jacoby R.P., Klinkhammer I., Welter B., Leson L., Martyn A., Nauen J., Grabenhorst N., Mandelkow J.F., Zuccaro A., Zeier J., Kopriva S. (2019) Root-specific camalexin biosynthesis controls the plant growth promoting effects of multiple bacterial strains. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 116, 15735-15744. [full text]

Kopriva S., Malagoli M., Takahashi H. (2019) Special Issue Editorial: Sulfur nutrition: impact on plant development, metabolism and stress responses. J. Exp. Bot. 70, 4069-4073. [full text]

Jobe T.O., Zenzen I., Rahimzadeh Karvansara P., Kopriva S. (2019) Integration of sulfate assimilation with carbon and nitrogen metabolism in transition from C3 to C4 photosynthesis. J Exp. Bot. 70, 4211-4221. [full text]

Günal S., Hardman R., Kopriva S., Mueller J.W. (2019) Sulfation pathways from red to green. J. Biol. Chem. 294, 12293-12312. [full text]

Succuro A., Schuler-Bermann M., Ivanov R., Jacoby R., Kopriva S., Jobe T.O. (2019) Orphan crops at the Food for Future conference. Planta 250, 1005-1010. [full text]

Kleinenkuhnen N., Büchel F., Gerlich S.C., Kopriva S., Metzger S. (2019) A novel method for identification and quantification of sulfated flavonoids in plants by neutral loss scan mass spectrometry. Front Plant Sci. 10, 885. [full text]

Anoman A.D., Flores-Tornero M., Benstein R.M., Blau S., Rosa-Téllez S., Bräutigam A., Fernie A.R., Muñoz-Bertomeu J., Schilasky S., Meyer A.J., Kopriva S., Segura J., Krueger S., Ros R. (2019) Deficiency in the Phosphorylated Pathway of Serine Biosynthesis perturbs sulfur assimilation. Plant Physiol. 180: 153-170. [full text]

Hu B., Jiang Z., Wang W., Qiu Y., Zhang Z., Liu Y., Gao X., Liu L., Qian Y., Huang X., Yu F., Li A., Kang S., Wang Y., Cao S., Zhang L., Wang Y., Xie Q., Kopriva S., Chu C. (2019) Nitrate-NRT1.1B-SPX4 cascade integrates nitrogen and phosphorus signaling networks in plants. Nat Plants 5: 401-413. [Abstract]

D’Hooghe P., Picot D., Brunel-Muguet S., Kopriva S., Avice J.C., Trouverie J. (2019) Germinative and post-germinative behaviours of Brassica napus seeds are impacted by the severity of S limitation applied to the parent plants. Plants, 8, 12 [Abstract]

Ashykhmina N., Lorenz M., Frerigmann H., Koprivova A., Hofsetz E., Stührwohldt N., Flügge U.-I., Haferkamp I-, Kopriva S., Gigolashvili T., (2019) PAPST2 plays a critical role for PAP removal from the cytosol and subsequent 1 degradation in plastids and mitochondria. Plant Cell 31, 231-249 [full text]

Jacoby R.P., Kopriva S. (2019) Metabolic niches in the rhizosphere microbiome: New tools and approaches to analyse metabolic mechanisms of plant-microbe nutrient exchange. J. Exp Bot. Bot. 70, 1087-1094. [Abstract]

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Nagy P, Schwarz G, Kopriva S. (2019) Editorial: Highlighted mechanistic aspects in the chemical biology of reactive sulfur species. Br. J. Pharmacol. 176: 511-513. [full text]