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Bachelor of Science in Biology

selective module Molecular Plant Nutrition (

In this module students learn the basic mechanisms in control of plant mineral nutrition and the scientific approaches to study plant mineral nutrition. In the practical part they perform a detailed characterization of a mutant affected in sulfur nutrition, including HPLC measurements of metabolites and expression analysis by qPCR.


Bachelor of Science Quantitative Biology (

module Systems Biology

In this module students learn the theoretical bases for the systems biology approaches – transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and epigenetics – as well as how to employ them for biological questions. In the practical part they will get some hands on experience with the methods and will learn how to work with the datasets produced by these approaches.


Master of Science in Biological Sciences

module Molecular Plant Physiology and Biochemistry of Plants and Associated Microbes                                   (

In this module the students get practical experience of methods in molecular plant physiology – qPCR, HPLC, enzyme assays, etc. – working on research projects actually running in the laboratory.